Mother and Daughter

Do you have a mother-daughter 

relationship you love?

Why mothers and daughters struggle

Mothers and daughters fight over each other's unmet needs. Who gets to be heard? Whose feelings are more important?

The generational divide between mothers and daughters causes beliefs and patterns to be misaligned.

Conflict between mothers and daughters is not viewed as a normal part of a close relationship.

When daughters grow up watching mothers being selfless, sacrificing, fitting in and not voicing her needs, they struggle with who they need to be in order to be loved, accepted and appreciated.

History repeats itself between mothers and daughters with daughters inheriting their mother's emotional reality.


Mothers are people first and no longer accept the blame for everything that goes wrong.

When mothers voice their needs and wants, daughters stop being responsible for their mother's unvoiced needs. And daughters learn how to do this for themselves.

The mother-daughter relationship is at the center of a woman's emotional development, wellbeing and equality.

Understanding that each stage of life affects the mother-daughter relationship differently.

When we know better, we do better. 

Having a healing experience for generational change, listening and empathy.

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Work with Me
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You're ready to find a new approach to dealing with the conflict and stop feeling like you're speaking two different languages. It will transform your relationship with yourself and your daughter. We're gathering this summer and enrolling now.
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Let's jump right to it. You want to work with me on a higher level to heal and feel more confident in your relationships. Girls, women and the mother-daughter couple - I'm by your side for twelve wonderful weeks.
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Hey there. 


I help girls and women feel heard, understood and loved in all of their relationships. 

Here you will find support for girls, women and the mother-daughter couple. We are soaking up the crazy amount of love, support and community here, building unshakable confidence and tuning into our intuition as our guide for all of life's decisions.


Bring your needs, hopes, dreams, and I will take care of the rest. Providing you with a place to feel seen and heard while we identify the changes you want to make to feel free.


So what's my deal?...How'd I get started on this journey?

"As soon as I met Hilary, her passion for helping mothers and daughters heal their relationship and strengthen their bond was immediately evident. The more I got to know Hilary, the more impressed I became with her depth of understanding and professionalism. I am honored that Hilary trained to become a Certified Mother-Daughter Coach and a Women’s Power Circles Facilitator."



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“My husband said to me this morning: ‘Wow! Her attitude has changed dramatically recently! She hasn’t been getting so mad so quickly (he gave examples). She has really been sweet!’ Me….grinning and patting myself on the back! 

I have done well with connect before I direct and responding with calm! So much good stuff after only one week! I am so excited for the next 6 weeks!! Thank you Hilary!”

- NM