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Welcome to the next chapter of your

mother-daughter story.

Imagine walking through a floral archway to discover a secret garden, better yet a sanctuary and someone’s there to greet you in a knowing and loving way that brings comfort to your soul. You're surrounded by a space where growth and beauty are felt. You're feeling held and wanting to hold space for them too, to discover what’s possible and not settling for less. Relaxing into a relationship without pressure, without judgement. This is what it feels like.

No longer missing each other.

Filled with understanding instead of hurt.

No longer suffering from emotional distance.

More mind space and presence to prosper in a way that brightens the whole family.

A sanctuary where we can work through the hard stuff in a soft space. Moving to a sense of freedom in relating to each other. This is what this feels like. 

"As soon as I met Hilary, her passion for helping mothers and daughters heal their relationship and strengthen their bond was immediately evident. The more I got to know Hilary, the more impressed I became with her depth of understanding and professionalism. I am honored that Hilary trained to become a Certified Mother-Daughter Coach and a Women’s Power Circles Facilitator."


AUTHOR OF 'THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER PUZZLE' and owner of mother daughter coaching international, LLC

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I’m Hilary, the Mother-Daughter Dynamics Coach

I guide mothers and daughters through a five step journey to heal their pain and cultivate a relationship built on love and mutual respect.

Why am I for you?

  • Your mother-daughter relationship is strained, estranged, tense, fraught or dissatisfying.

  • I only accept a handful of private clients per year to ensure that my time and focus is on your relationship.

  • You’ve tried therapy and it didn't get anywhere. It was more of the same complaining and hurt feelings without a real solution. But coaching is different. I am educating and guiding you to your relationship goals. 

  • Because you're ready to have a curated experience all for you not to mention seamless holiday time, traveling together, and family gatherings, that are easy from start to finish.

I hear the themes and patterns in your relationship and walk you through the solutions you need to move past it all. 

From extensive experience, I’ll have you connecting, sharing, listening and being listened to in our private space.


So whether you have distance in your relationship or feel like your every move is under a microscope, you never have that hopeless feeling again. I am right by your side guiding, healing and caring for your relationship to give you the ultimate transformation.


Solve your conflict, confusion and pain so you can enjoy every area of your life, feeling more supported than ever before in a loving mother-daughter dynamic.

Imagine what it would feel like to...

  • Heal your conflict as  you reunite in your mother-daughter relationship on equal terms.

  • Feel the comfort of spending time together doing nothing other than being yourself. 

  • Confidently express your needs and feelings so that you are heard with minimal effort, no more meltdowns, passive aggressive behavior, guilt trips or blame.

  • Move past the feelings of control, judgement and criticism and enjoy your role in the relationship on your terms.

  • No longer feel pressure to please or placate because your new communication style fully supports a healthy dynamic with boundaries, love and respect.

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How we can work together
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If you're not feeling ready to go all in with your mother or daughter, book a power healing session to get yourself on the path to healing. We schedule a day together to really dive deep into your situation and help you make changes and finally move forward. This immersive session is designed for you to identify and solve the struggles that need immediate attention. Ask yourself what is possible for your relationship and let's get you on the road to healing. Get ready for a beautiful, fun day of healing. I've got lots of surprises up my sleeve!
The most luxurious and bonding way to begin your mother-daughter healing journey. This immersive VIP experience invites you to relax, let your guard down and open up to finally understanding your relationship and healing your hearts. I'll get to know your relationship, goals and dreams and plan every luxurious detail of our private weekend together. Gift yourself memories that will last a lifetime, it all begins right here.
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You are invited to the most powerful, comfortable and loving journey to heal your relationship and strengthen your foundation. Allow yourself to be fully held on your journey to growth and transformation. No matter the circumstances, there is always hope for mothers and daughters to heal their relationship, alone or together. I know this because I do transformational work with mothers and daughters every day. Are you ready to write the next chapter of your story together?
Why Mothers and Daughters?
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I’m so happy to read my letter to myself from before we started and see that I’m there. Pretty much done a 180 and I’m thrilled about that, it’s a concrete measure of our progress. She will be coming over for Thanksgiving and I will be caring for her upcoming surgery. This was not possible last year."

- Lori

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