Life Coaching for Girls

Girls Club helps self-doubting and unsure teen girls find connection and confidence through a positive and encouraging approach.
 Your daughter is bright and talented and really awesome, but she doesn't see it.
She used to be a happy, bubbly little girl but now seems to have lost her motivation and drive for life.
You're wondering when your daughter lost her sparkle.
She is spending more time alone than ever before and this is concerning.
You're noticing that she doesn't have the skills to handle the everyday stress of being a teen girl.



  • Gain confidence so that she can go after what she really wants.

  • Increase self-esteem so that she feels ready to put herself out there in order to make friends and build her social circle.

  • Step out of her comfort zone and have the confidence to stay true to herself in moments when it really matters.

  • Understand better what she needs and wants in her relationships so that she doesn't settle for less than she deserves.

  • Have a support system to encourage her to push through challenges and build her up.

  • Cultivate inner strength so that she can navigate life's challenges. 

  • Deepen her self-awareness and self-understanding so that she can start to truly love herself.

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