Group Programs

Girls Group helps self-doubting and unsure girls find connection and confidence through an empowering approach.

You want the best for your daughter but lately when you offer her support she isn't accepting it.


She is bright, with so much to feel good about but instead you see a girl who is worried about fitting in, friendships and academics, and not talking about it.


You just want your daughter to be herself and feel good about that. I do too. 


I am passionate about helping girls move beyond the pressure they feel, develop a positive inner dialogue, and launch into the young woman she knows herself to beHere girls ages 13-25 are accepted for who they are, embrace their story and grow into themselves.

 Your daughter is bright and talented and really awesome, but she doesn't see it herself.
She has so much to offer the world but she doesn't get the attention from others that she deserves.
She has ideas of what she'd like for her future but lacks the confidence to go after it.
You're noticing that she is getting sucked into what others think about her rather than focusing on what's most important in life. 

Girls Group will help your daughter:

  • Embody her core strengths, value and talents so that she feels confident enough to be authentically herself in even the toughest moments. 
  • Improve her communication skills so that she feels more confident telling others how she feels and what she needs in the moments that matter most. 
  • Gain insight into why teen girls feel so much pressure so that she understands that this pressure is bigger than her, it is all of us.
  •  Truly know in her soul that she is lovable and enough just as she is.
  •  Take a look at her closest relationships to discover if she is getting what she needs and if not, how she can start!
  • Look towards her future with clear direction, goals and the confidence to achieve her dreams!