Coaching: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell my daughter about coaching?


Share the video I made especially for girls to get them on board! It's important that they know that coaching is built in support to help them grow and thrive through their teen years. It is not meant to "fix" them - our program is a wonderful add-on to an already wonderful girl!

Talk me up! "I heard about this really cool young woman who helps girls all over the country live a happier and more fulfilling life and I'd like us to work with her". Often girls picture a life coach as an older woman who is out of touch with teens, show her my picture so that she can see for herself that I'm young enough to relate to her yet old enough to have knowledge to share. Share my website with her so that she gets a sense of my style and personality! Share my instagram account with her here:


Explain to your daughter that coaching is not therapy. She will not be diagnosed or prescribed medication to treat any symptoms. She is showing up as her awesome self to learn skills and gain knowledge to become even more awesome. 


How does coaching work?

For coaching sessions I use Zoom to connect with girls. And let me say that today's teen girl is possibly more comfortable on a screen than face to face, and she gets to do it in the comfort of her own space! It's often not an adult's favorite way to connect but girls do this all day long - so they are usually on board right away! She just needs internet and an interruption-free private space to have our sessions. 

Can I use my health insurance?  

Life coaching is not a medical treatment so it is not covered under mental health insurance benefits. 

How is coaching different than therapy?

Good therapy and good coaching often overlap but there are some clear differences between the two. Therapy addresses the question "Why do I...", coaching asks the question "Who are you? What do you want your future to look like?". Therapy usually involves a mental health diagnosis and fixing what feels broken by processing and focuses on the past and healing. And coaching is building on a girls' strengths and looks for external solutions to overcome challenges while focusing on actions and the future.

Is coaching confidential?

Yes, coaches have a similar code of ethics as therapists to adhere to. All of our sessions are confidential. This means if you were referred by someone or know someone else that I have worked with, I can never acknowledge this connection to either of you. Of course, there are limits to confidentiality like safety which we will discuss during our first meeting.

How do I pay for coaching services?

Individual coaching packages are paid for upfront. Our group coaching program is paid in monthly payments. 

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