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Hi! I'm Hilary and I'm passionate about helping mothers and daughters embrace their voice so they feel heard, understood and loved in their most important relationships.

I arrived at this place as a mother-daughter expert organically coming from a family with three daughters. We all have our individual, close relationships with our mother. Growing up in a home with so many females and a strong mother as a model, I developed an eye for feminist rights and issues early on.


In my professional work with teen girls specifically a light was shone on the heavy conflict they had with their mothers at this age. I would see it time and time again, girls rejecting their well intentioned mothers who kept missing the mark. I knew they both needed and craved a close relationship with each other, so I wanted to get to what was at the root of mother-daughter conflict. 


I felt this dynamic in my bones as my mother and I really battled during my teen years and as I grew up we sort of kept moving. We didn’t talk much about how painful my teen years were for both of us. So when I had my own daughter it all came full circle because I could now see it from the mother’s perspective. Having this shaky ground as my foundation pushed me to heal the pain from my past with my mother. Because I knew if I was going to have the relationship I wanted with my own daughter, I needed to repair the past first. I also had my mother’s voice ringing in my ears, “Just wait until you have a daughter and she treats you like this…”. 


The intimate look I get into other families struggles, my own struggle with my mother and now the pressure of raising an empowered, confident and secure girl, I wanted to get this right. The work I dove into focuses on the three generations of women in our motherlines. When we look at our grandmother, our mother and ourselves we see patterns and shifts in each women’s liberation over time. This helps us to see our mother with softer eyes because we understand why she became the mother she is and how this impacted us for better or worse. Understanding our grandmother and mother's stories both grounds us and empowers us to identify the changes we want to make for the future generations.


Now I support mothers of girls, young women and the mother-daughter couple to embrace their strengths, use their mother-daughter relationships to both ground them and empower them out in the world.

As a daughter, I understand the disappointment and frustration that can come with feeling unheard and misunderstood. And as the mother of a girl, I hold the hope that we have for our girls as they grow into themselves, wanting more than anything to have a strong, close relationship.

I've been helping mothers and daughters for over twelve years and now focus solely on the power of this relationship. I started my career as an Elementary School Counselor and then worked in private practice as a child and family therapist for a decade, with a special focus on girls ages 12-25 and now as am a Certified Life Coach.


I have a Master's degree in Counseling, hold certification as a Teen Girls Life Coach and Mother-Daughter Life Coach. This unique foundation allows me to bring years of experience helping girls and women and expertise on the power and healing we gain from having a healthy mother-daughter relationship. Whatever healthy looks like to us.

When I'm not doing my part to better the lives of women across the world, I love going on adventures with my family, creating a home filled with love and wonder and enjoying my charming little Pennsylvania town.  

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