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Empowering mothers to raise confident women by nurturing themselves and understanding what daughters need

The mother-daughter relationship can be challenging and disappointing...

She tells you that you just don't get her.

She confides in friends more often than you'd like.

You doubt your ability to handle tough situations.

You're not sure you're the best model for speaking up for yourself.

You want to feel closer to your daughter as she grows.

But it doesn't have to be...

You want to have more fun and less stress with your daughter.

You want her to feel safe coming to you when something is up in her life.

You want the confidence to set boundaries while giving her space to grow.
You want to raise an empowered young woman who knows her worth and speaks her truth.

You want a relationship built on love and respect.

What’s the best way to get that in your life?
Learn how to mother this stage of her life confidently with your team of support

We've got your back every day, Mama.

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In our Mother's Power Circle you will learn how to:

  •  Understand your daughter's needs so that she feels heard, understood and loved by you everyday.​

  • Feel calm and connected to your daughter because your close relationship starts with you, Mama.

  • Learn exactly how to respond by knowing your values and listening to your gut 

  • Step into your confident mothering role to move past resistance and sets boundaries with confidence.

  • Show up on full by nurturing yourself and filling your cup first.

  • Learn about the unique needs of every stage of life and how to protect your relationship along the way

What's included...

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Fridays at 11:00am EST from September 3 - January 21. These high vibe calls will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and confident to take ACTION in your life. This is the time to get your questions answered and hang out with your new Mama friends. Can't join us live? Calls are recorded so submit your question before the call to get those answers!

✨ Exclusive access to The Mothering Girls Course
(a $600 value)

A six module course that walks you through development, bonding, listening, boundaries and building your own emotional container. Each month new content such as workbooks, videos, audio, etc. will be released for you to complete and give you breakthrough after breakthrough!! Check out the monthly breakdown below.

✨ Following the Mothering Path 
ensures you're making progress towards your goals so you are mothering like the confident woman you are! 

✨Private Voxer Group Chat
As a circle we stay connected the entire 5 months through the group chat app Voxer to gain support exactly when you need it. Have a win? Share it! Feeling stuck? Tag me and I'm there to support you! I'm in the group daily M-F to offer insight + support for you.

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"I felt like I was the

only one"

“My husband said to me this morning: ‘Wow! Marley’s attitude has changed dramatically recently! She hasn’t been getting so mad so quickly (he gave examples). She has really been sweet!’ Me….grinning and patting myself on the back! haha! So much good stuff after only one week! I am so excited for the next 6 weeks!! Thank you Hilary!”

- Nikki

"I felt like I was the

only one"

“I really appreciate the feedback and advice, while seeing what everyone else is going through. There are a lot of parallels. I did feel like for a long time I was the only one going through things with my daughter. I came into this group with the attitude of this will help me with my relationship with my daughter and then realized ‘oh, this is more about why I do the things I do’ and it was much broader then I realized so thank you for that Hilary because that helped me have a better perspective.”

- Marie

"Such a supportive group"

“Ahhh I feel so blessed to have found you Hilary and have loved being part of this group. Learning strategies and coping mechanisms! I have loved meeting some inspirational mommas who I can call my friends! Such a supportive group! Love you ladies”

- Katie

"It's so helpful"

“Being able to watch recordings afterwards is helpful, just hearing that others are going through the same thing. Especially when your kid’s issues are larger than so-called normal, it’s oddly comforting that other people are going through stuff too and can relate to it. It’s more normal to struggle than we allow ourselves to believe...when I had a really bad moment it was really nice to come on Voxer and vent a little bit, it’s so helpful.”

- Valerie

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Hey Mama,
I'm Hilary

Official info about me:

🔸 MA in Counseling
🔸Certified Mother-Daughter Coach
🔸Certified Teen Wisdom Coach
🔸 Family & Child Therapist for twelve years with a focus on adolescent girls 
🔸 Since 2008 I have counseled 100's of mothers and daughters across the globe


Unofficial details:

🔸 I have a curious and kind 6 yo daughter and silly and sweet 4 yo boy
🔸Couldn't live without my coffee and chocolate
🔸I'm the middle of three sisters and surrounded by mother-daughter relationships my entire life 
🔸 My superpower is knowing which paint color to choose, where to place the sofa and how to create a beautiful tablescape (that counts right?)
🔸 I will not apologize for loving Netflix. And reality TV. And Hallmark Christmas movies. Give me the feel good stuff and I'm all. over. it.

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Join us now!

What past clients are saying...

What I believe about having a community of mothers...

Having a mothering community is one of the most important supports you will gift yourself while raising children. This support acts as the team that stands behind you as you make your mothering decisions. 


I’ve leaned on my own mothering community since my daughter was an infant. Mothers who are also getting up each morning sometimes feeling motivated and energized to fill their mothering role and other days feel exhausted, overwhelmed or worried. This has been the single best support to me as a mother and a woman, being lifted up, cheered on and empowered by mothers in my circle.


Bring all your emotions, struggles and challenges to us and we will wrap our virtual arms around you. Reminding you to fill your tank first, provide words of wisdom or simply a place to feel seen and heard. Mothers are people first, we will make sure you are nurturing your own heart while supporting you in raising your daughter to grow into the woman she was meant to be.

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