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You want an easy, close bond with your daughter.

You want her to feel understood and loved.
You want her to feel safe coming to you when something is up in her life.
You want the confidence as a mother to set boundaries while also giving her space to grow.
You want to raise an empowered young woman who knows her worth and speaks her truth.
You want a relationship built on love and respect.
What’s the best way to get that in your life?
Get support for you as a woman and a mom.

Your mothering village is here.

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In our Mothers Group you will learn how to:

  • Understand your daughter's needs so that she feels heard, understood and loved by you everyday.

  • Be the safety net that she needs to keep her safe and coming back to you throughout her teen years.

  • Feel calm and connected to your daughter because your close relationship starts with you, Mama.

  • Learn exactly how to respond to your daughter so that her emotions don't get the best of you.

  • Step into your confident mothering role by learning how to be the "Alpha Mom" who moves past resistance and sets boundaries like a pro.

  • Trust yourself, your intuition and your boundaries so you stop getting into the same old fights with your daughter.

  • Show up on full by nurturing yourself and filling your cup first.

✔️ We get to be in each other's lives and learn 

together for 5 months


✔️  We meet on Zoom twice monthly on Wednesdays at 12:00pm EST and once monthly on Mondays at 6:00pm EST. Session will be recorded and available for three days

✔️ Exclusive access to my Mothering Girls Course and workshop collection, we use each module as a guide for our group sessions. Learn, practice, process and apply the tools to your life in between our group meetings

✔️ Together we follow the Mothering Path to Connection to ensure you're making progress towards your goals

✔️ Stay connected with our circle of support between meetings in our mother's group chat to gain support exactly when you need it

✔️ Pay upfront $1250 or choose the payment plan of $280 per month

✔️ This group is ideal for women mothering girls ages 9-19

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Hey Mama, I'm Hilary

Culture tells us the that mother daughter relationship is supposed to be hard, riddled with conflict and disappointment. But I am here to tell you that this is simply not true, mothers and daughters are biologically wired for connection and the real problem falls on generations of women feeling unheard. Generations of women in my family and in yours.


You my dear, are whole and lovable and enough just as you are. And my work is in helping you see just that as we create a plan that fulfills you.  

My work with hundreds of girls and their mothers has shown me that we both crave and need a close relationship with each other. We simply must get past the obstacles in our way to be able to truly connect.

Here you will find support for girls, women and the mother-daughter couple. Group programs, individual work and all the knowledge you need to be an empowered woman in this world. 


Bring your needs, hopes, dreams, and I will take care of the rest. Providing you with a place to feel seen and heard while we identify the changes you want to make to feel better about your mother-daughter relationship.


Are you ready to rewrite your story?

(If that's a wholehearted hellllll yessss, let's chat about you below)








Social Media




Mother-Daughter History

Peer Pressure




Body Image







Navigating Milestones

Copy of Lead Magnet & Offer
What I believe about having a community of mothers:

Having a mothering community is one of the most important supports you will gift yourself while raising children. A community can act as the team that stands behind you as you make your mothering decisions. This team can be composed of your partner, your daughter's grandparents, aunts and uncles, coaches, counselors, clergy, club leaders, teachers, neighbors or friends. 

There is another kind of support that I want to offer you, one that I’ve leaned on as a mother myself. And that is the support of other mothers of girls. Mothers who are also getting up each morning sometimes feeling motivated and energized to fill their mothering role and other days feel exhausted, overwhelmed or worried.


Bring all your emotions, struggles and challenges to us and we will wrap our virtual arms around you. Reminding you to fill your tank first, provide words of wisdom or simply a place to feel seen and heard. Mothers are people first, we will make sure you are nurturing your own heart while supporting you in raising your daughter to grow into the woman she was meant to be.

Your daughter wants you to be more connected to her, not less. It just looks different as she grows.
This is the perfect time to strengthen your bond with your daughter. 
Now more than ever we need the support from moms who get it.

More is being asked of us as we mother right now.

We get depleted when we are kicked into overdrive and are mothering on empty.

We need support for ourselves, as mothers and women.

We can’t do everything alone, without a source of replenishment and connection.

Self-love and self-care are important for all women, especially mothers, it's time to give from a place of plenty, not a place of empty.

When we’re living from a place of value, everything changes: our relationships flourish, our lives deepen, and our daughters grow knowing their worthiness. 

Let's be together regularly through this storm and beyond, we are your support and happy to walk this journey with you.

You bring your questions about your daughter and we bring our very best answers.


Starting To Come Out Of Her Shell Again! 

“I just wanted to give you an update, that (my daughter) is starting to come out of her “shell” again here at home. She’s not locked in her room 24/7, she’s interacting more with the family and we’ve even had a few good laughs. Thanks for all your help!!”

- Aubrey


Permission to put

myself first


"LOVED this workshop!! It really resonated with me. I have neglected my own needs for too long. Thank you Hilary for giving me permission to put myself first!"

- Nikki

"There is something really wonderful about being a part of a community of women who get me"

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