It's time to save our girls

Updated: Jul 28

Why do raise girls to dream about their wedding day? They watch their cousins and friends be pampered at their shower and be the most beautiful woman in the room on her wedding day.

They dream of the day they are the center of everyone’s attention. The day they get to choose every little detail. The day a man looks at them in total awe and they finally feel like they’ve made it.

But what if instead, they are the getting the attention they need every day of their life?

If parents reminded them of their worth by letting her grow into herself?

What would it look like if we dreamt along side our daughters as they became doctors, artists, architects, engineers, business owners or anything they aspire to be?

What if instead we raised our girls by

  • Celebrating her confidence, her first menstrual cycle, academic accomplishments, job promotions, doing what they love and living a life that feels authentically them.

  • Congratulating them for difficult decisions they’ve made: ending toxic relationships, taking the road less traveled, standing up for herself even when faced with consequences.

  • Encouraging them to listen to their gut. Understanding what that even means and how to do this. Having the power to know that their intuition will never lead them wrong.

  • Teaching them how to ask for what they need and more. To assertively express their feelings and wants, feeling entitled to the same salary as the man next to them so she can buy her own home and fill it with everything she desires.

  • Modeling for them how to love their body - just the way it is. Breaking the ‘rules’ that women have to dress in a way that doesn't invite 'the wrong kind of attention', be a specific size or color in order to be accepted in our society. To stop living their lives to be accepted by men.

What if girls grew up not dreaming of their wedding day and Prince Charming being the beginning of her life but rather knowing the power lies in her creating her own life first and welcoming a worthy partner when it feels right.