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Your sisterhood awaits.

Does this sound familiar?

  •  You say 'yes' when you really mean 'no'
  • You're ready for new friends but it feels nearly impossible to meet young women like you

  • You're struggling in your relationships, you want support but there's a disconnect between what you're getting and what you need

  • You often feel unheard and not listened to

  • You over-apologize for fear of hurting others

  • You know you want more in life but feel unsure how to get there


  • Stop thinking about what you can do to please others and start focusing on what you want

  • Express your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement

  • Embody your strengths to love yourself and speak up for what you need

  • Learn how to put yourself first to know how to avoid losing yourself in marriage and mothering

  • Start seeing yourself through your own eyes, rather than through other people's eyes

  • Build new relationships built on respect and love

  • Master how to set healthy boundaries and embrace y our entitlement to live a life you LOVE

The time is now

Women do not know and fully begin to understand themselves until they are well into their 30's.

This means there is a lot to discover about yourself from eighteen to forty years old.

But who wants to wait until they're 40 to figure it all out?! 


Immediately upon joining our circle you will know that you are not alone in your struggles. Other young women feel the same way, wanting more for themselves but unsure how to get there.

Our Power Circle gives women a safe space to come together and tell their stories.


When women gather, our entitlement is unleashed. This is about you feeling heard, valued and respected. Then you will be able to see yourself through your own eyes, not from other people's eyes.

Why join our Circle?

Group support is key in helping women at every age because something we value as females are our relationships with others. And it is through the support of other women that we learn to value and love our relationship with ourselves. Allow our circle to be a supportive community that helps you embrace your entitlement and place in the world. 

Support extends beyond our meetings.

Young women have the option to stay connected to each other between group sessions with their assigned buddy and our group chat in Voxer. Consider us your new confidants, ready to build you up listen to you cry or toast to your success, exactly when you need us.

What will I get in the Circle?

Eight new friends that you chat face to face with twice monthly for 90 minutes of coaching, clarity and support on your chosen goals. In between our circle meetings women connect with their assigned buddy, connect with the entire group on the app Voxer, journal, and enjoy their new friends to implement lasting change into their lives. You also gain access to my workshop for young women that will guide you to speak up for yourself and find self-love.

How do I pay for the Circle?

We begin with a private coaching call and then settle into our Women's Power Circle for four cozy months of friendship and inspiration. Participation is $250 per month.

Who can join the Circle?

This group is for young women ages 19-26. We welcome all awesome (and ready-to-be-awesome) humans, who identify as female, to participate in our programs.

What happens after I sign up?

We get to WERK! You will be sent a welcome email with all the goodies; the when, how, and where. This is a dedicated hour where we get to know each other, I learn all about YOU, we set your goals and intentions for the group and I answer all of your questions. Then shortly after we meet, we begin as a group!! 

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Hey Girl,

I'm Hilary

I'm a counselor and certified life coach and have been bringing females together in groups for over a decade.


I am passionate about helping women embrace their unique voice, build confidence and live a life they love because I was once in your place. In my twenties I found myself in between friends, alone in a new city, building a career and lacking the self-love I needed. I paid thousands for therapy and coaching to get to where I am today.


Now I teach from a place of experience, confidence and knowledge of what really holds women back and also what propels us forward. I know first hand how lonely and defeating it can be to be without your tribe. Our Circle is a place where young women can find themselves in a safe, empowering space.


You my dear, are whole, lovable and enough just as you are. And my work is helping you see just that.

Here you will find women who are empowering women. To use their voices. To stop apologizing. To not settle for less than they deserve. Through our group programs, individual work and by gaining the knowledge you need to be an empowered woman in this world.


Bring your needs, hopes, dreams, and I will take care of the rest. Providing you with a place to feel seen and heard while we identify the changes you want to make to feel better about yourself. As a woman, a mother, a daughter.

Are you READY to write the next chapter

of your story?

(If that's a wholehearted hellllll yessss, then let's do this!!)

💖Women begin their work here to explore, collaborate on, and navigate through their personal development.  


💖They walk back out into the world with the tools and confidence to conquer it! 


💖With the support of our circle, you get the added benefit of building your team of support around you. 


💖We are here for you.


💖We will learn your story, listen to your dreams, celebrate your success and be your cheerleaders along for the ride.

Let's get this sorted out for you....we start right now, you in?

Let's chat about how I can help you

Complete the form below and I'll reach out to discuss the best next steps!

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